Info on REC, RPO & Open Access

  • Electricity generated from rooftop solar plant can be used to meet the RPO target set by the regulatory authorities.
  • Any additional electricity could be traded in the form of REC with consumers who fall short of their RPO target.
  • A rooftop solar plant provides support during peak hour demand and reduces dependence on grid & diesel generators.
  • Rooftop solar helps bolster energy independence and helps maintain productivity during power outages.
  • An investment in rooftop solar shows the commitment of the firm towards sustainable development. It helps improve the image of the company in customer’s mind.
  • It reduces the carbon footprint of the industry/firm.

Policy & Net metering regulations

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Notified By Uttarakhand Electricity Regulatory Commission
Policy Uttarakhand Solar Power Policy 2015
Net Metering Regulations Regulations for Net Metering Rooftop Solar PV Grid Interactive Systems 2016
Min System Size allowed (under net metering) 1 kW
Max System size allowed (under net metering) 1 MW
Cap w.r.t sanctioned load 100% for domestic consumers & 50% for C&I consumers
Rooftop ownership Persons who intend to install rooftop solar should own the rooftop as well.
Cap w.r.t Distribution Transformer Capacity 65%

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