Info on REC, RPO & Open Access

  • Electricity generated from rooftop solar plant can be used to meet the RPO target set by the regulatory authorities.
  • Any additional electricity could be traded in the form of REC with consumers who fall short of their RPO target.
  • A rooftop solar plant provides support during peak hour demand and reduces dependence on grid & diesel generators.
  • Rooftop solar helps bolster energy independence and helps maintain productivity during power outages.
  • An investment in rooftop solar shows the commitment of the firm towards sustainable development. It helps improve the image of the company in customer’s mind.
  • It reduces the carbon footprint of the industry/firm.

Policy & Net metering regulations

Notified By Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission (for the state of Goa & Union Territories)
Policy Renewable Energy Policy - 2017 for U.T. of Dadra and Nagar Haveli
Net Metering Regulations Solar Power - Grid Connected Ground Mounted and Solar Rooftop and Metering Regulations - 2014
Min System Size allowed (under net metering) 1 kW
Max System size allowed (under net metering) 500 kW
Cap w.r.t sanctioned load 50% for Industrial and Commercial users
Cap w.r.t Distribution Transformer Capacity 30%

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